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11629 SW 124 Ct Miami, FL 33186
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The Collective/Ground up and Rising


The Collective is A Dedicated Group of actors, Writers, and entertainers who draw from a variety of disciplines to bring a fresh, invigorating surge of life to the world of theatre. The Collective is made up of a radicallly diverse group of individuals with the same goal in mind: to produce quality, Thoughful material that seeks to awaken as well as enthrall. With years of study and, above all, practice in the many facets of their craft, those that comprise the Collective are a creative force to be reckoned with, fearless in their pursuit to create both the controversial and the sublime, and unrivaled in their commitment to continually push the bundaries of art in entertainment. Composed entirely of first generation Americans raised in single-income homes, they have overcome adversity to embody the spirit of the American Dream.