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51 N. Swinton Avenue Delray Beach, Florida 33444
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561-243-7922, x322
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561-243-7922, x322
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Crest Theatre at Old School Square


Housed in the restored 1925 Delray High School building, the Crest Theatre was dedicated in 1993 as the performing arts center of Old School Square. Originally the high school auditorium, the Crest Theatre was re-designed as a charming, 323-seat, state-of-the-art facility combining the original high school color (blue) with warm burgundy and gold accents.  The original stage was only 12 feet deep; therefore two stories of additional space were added during restoration to provide backstage, dressing room and storage areas.  The original proscenium remains an important historic feature of the theater.  The Crest provides a truly intimate entertainment experience and offers a variety of performances, comedy and lectures.