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1700 Washington Avenue Miami Beach, Florida 33139
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The Gleason Room, backstage at the Fillmore




In Nobel Prizewinner Harold Pinter's menacing comedy, THE DUMB WAITER, two men are preparing for their usual professional job. Ben, predictable and meticulous, knows it all, quietening his occasionally querulous junior Gus as they have to wait. Suddenly, from an unimaginable source impossible demands are made on them. Is their sadistic boss messing them about? Or are they caught up in some new danger? The demands are insistent. Can they propitiate the source? Slowly the horrifying truth emerges.
Pinter's genius for contrasting the minutiae of everyday preoccupations with the horror that can underly them was never better exercised than in this brilliant, unique play. 
Directed by internationally renowned Patrick Dromgoole, winner of 2 Emmys, director of film and theatre all over the world, and one time Director of the Habimah, National Theatre of Israel, as well as CEO of HTV Television, with a cast of well-known Irish/English actors, Michael O'Hagan and Richard Haylor, tHE DUMB WAITER is playing here for 5 performances at the Gleason Room, Miami Beach, before its presentation in London.